Embedded Computing

So I spend my days at work managing development of embedded IVI computers for cars. All my professional life, I’ve been working on deeply embedded and super reliable devices for the cellular phone industry and now cars. I hope to be doing this forever. However, I’m now more into the management side of things, and don’t actively do development daily. So, I’m making up for it at home. I’ve got several projects mulling around in my head right now, but the two current active projects are a home built webcam, and my home built DVR.

The DVR is based on MythTV and sits in my stereo cabinet next to my receiver and Tivo. I love it. I use it mainly to record shows from OTA HD sources, but also have been ripping movies and TV shows from my DVD collection so I can more easily get at them when I want to watch them. It’s also a music device, as I’ve mirrored my iTunes library to that machine, so I can play back music in my living room through my stereo, and see visualizations on the TV. It’s an ongoing effort though, but a lot of fun. More details to follow.

The webcam is based on the Gumstix Overo and really an expensive and time consuming way to solve the problem of how to watch my dog while we’re at work. But, it’s fun, and keeps me tied to OpenEmbedded and working tiny embedded computing devices. I enjoy it.

I’ll be posting some details about how I accomplished my goals, what extra steps I did that may not have been clear from the initial instructions, and all sorts of hopefully helpful extras for all the computing projects I get into.

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