My first crack at a Dunkeweissen

February 6, 2012

Boy did I screw that up. Not only did I get the ingredients wrong, but I didn’t sparge it right, and my efficiency was pretty awful. I added a full bag of DME, but that was too much, so my OG was almost 1.060, which is a tad high. So, I’m going ahead with it. I have no idea what this will taste like, but it should be interesting.

The recipe was

  • 1.2 Kg flaked wheat
  • .6 Kg Munich malt
  • .4 Kg German Pilsner
  • .25 Special B malt
  • .2 Kg Caramel/Crystal Malt – 40L
  • .2 Kg Carafa 1
  • 1 bag Wyest 3068
  • 14 g Hallertauer Mittlefrueh

My mistake was was the .2 kg Carafa 1, which should have been .02 Kg. Now it’s very dark, but does have a very interesting aroma. It’s in the fermentation tank right now. I’ll be bottling it on Saturday.

The blonde ale was bottled last Saturday, but without any fruit additions. I want to try it first, and see what happens. The Fallen Friar goes into bottles on Saturday as well. Mostly because I leave for France on Sunday most likely for work. The blonde ale should be ready to try by the time I get back from France, so I’m looking forward to that. More to come.

My new home

December 22, 2011

So this is my new home on the internet. From here, you’ll find links to projects I’m working on, blogs detailing the projects and any helpful computer work I feel should or could be shared, and posts about beer. More to come, including me making this setup a little more my own. It will come, but in time. I’ll be posting more in the following couple of weeks though, when I have time and want to contribute.